Guest Blogger: Dave Spart On Holiday(s)

Following the runaway success (25 views in only nine months) of last October’s guest post by legendary hardline activist Dave Spart, we’ve listened to the clamour of our public and invited him back to give us his unflinchingly austere analysis of the highly topical subject of summer holidays.

Although, quite frankly, he owes us one. since we invited him to stay with us for a few days and he’s drinking us out of house and home, not to mention hogging all our bandwidth while he continues to lead the assault against the Labour leadership campaign of unrepentant capitalist toady Jeremy Corbyn.

Most of our readers will need no reminder, but for those who may be unfamiliar with this intellectual colossus of the Left, Dave is the Co-chair Emeritus of the Organising Committee of the Hoxton and Shoreditch Anarcho-Syndicalist Save-the-Whale Hang-all-the-bankers Socialist Collective (Marxist-Leninist).

[NB the views expressed in this post are those of Dave Spart. And probably no-one else. Ever]

– – – – – – – – –

Once again, with utter and sickening predictability, the summer holiday season is here and the toiling masses are preparing to spend their hard-won time off in exotic locations.

Or Butlins.

Make no mistake, though. The Tory hegemony will stop at nothing to spoil the workers’ fair reward of a fortnight’s half-board in Torremelinos, including evening BBQ with bottomless Sangria and typical accordion-player.

In the name of solidarity, I myself recently experienced the full range of vicious tools deployed by the bosses to crush the morale of the proletariat. At so-called ‘Stansted Airport’ I joined hundreds of lager peace-loving, pissed good-humoured chavs proletarian families as they were successively:

  • Savagely oppressed for an hour and forty minutes by the jackbooted stormtroopers of the bourgeoisie, under the pretence of ‘passing through Security’.
  • Taunted for their grinding poverty by the displays of  overpriced ‘designer goods’ on sale at the alleged ‘Duty Free’ shops, in a cynical attempt to leave the masses dissatisfied with their honestly earned Burberry baseball caps and earrings.
  • Left sitting on the runway for three hours due to the bloody French air traffic controllers’….er…totally legitimate industrial action. And the late arrival of the inbound aircraft.

But comrades, this unrelenting class warfare is nothing less than the dialectic of history at work, because such will be the alienation caused by these manifestations of the unblinking cruelty of the greedy industrial complex that it can only accelerate the workers’ uprising and the inevitable overthrow of the capitalist system.

Although it can probably wait until I’ve finished working my way through this rather splendid 2007 St Emilion, with its underlying notes of blackcurrants, old leather and (cont. p.94).


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