the only deadhead in the hameau is exactly that, but without the spaces, because web browsers don’t seem to be able to handle the silences.

He lives, as he has done for over forty years, with the delightful Sugar Magnolia, aka Madame, who is still by far the best girl he knows.

After thirty-plus years in the pin-striped demi-monde of institutional investment, he now resides in a tiny French hamlet he calls Tranquility Base, where two pre-Napoleonic cottages have been artfully renovated, thanks to Sugar Magnolia’s impeccable taste, into an agreeable home, which he usually refers to as Brokedown Palace.

When he’s not listening to the Grateful Dead, mucking about with his photos and thinking of ways to avoid getting his hands dirty, he muses about all sorts of stuff. Occasionally these thoughts coalesce into something coherent and respectable enough to post here. Although nothing containing ‘inspirational quotes’.

And he really hates referring to himself in the third person.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. … Far from being the only Deadhead on the planet though 🙂 I went from Richard Strauss to Dark Star in the space of a Week-end (and what a weekend that was too).

    I enjoyed rummaging around. We’re probably both perfectly bilingual too nest-ce pas” Heureux de te rencontrer.

    • Thanks very much for dropping by, and for following. Not that it’s a competition, of course, but I went from Richard Wagner to The Other One in the space of the jam out of Terrapin (Wembley 30.10.90). I’m a long way from bilingual, but I get by reasonably well: no choice, really, as none of our neighbours speak English. Need more vocab, though, A bientot et encore merci.

      • I married a wonderful French Speaking Swiss Beauty and lived for 35 years in Geneva so I had all the time I needed. Back in the UK since 2013.

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