Song Lyric Sunday: Hang on – ‘Hold Me Close’

I feel like I’m cheating a bit with Jim’s prompts for Song Lyric Sunday this week. His key words are ‘Hold/Pause/Stop/Wait’,Clearly, the sense is, as his title indicates, ‘Whoa’.However, I’ve taken an homophonous meaning of the word ‘hold’ on which to base my contribution. This bouncy little number by the cheeky (and really quite disgracefully…

One-Liner Wednesday: Mañana

“I treated this day in a similar fashion, allowing [it]… pass without doing anything, and vowing that I would begin to work on the morrow”  – Proust: The Captive (La Prisonnière) – – – – – – – – – – – One-Liner Wednesday 7 October 2020

Song Lyric Sunday: Free – ‘Baby I Love You’

Jim is giving us free rein for Song Lyric Sunday this week. Which is timely. Tomorrow is my – by which, of course, I mean ‘our’ – 46th wedding anniversary and this is the first record I ever bought for my darling wife. The words were true then and they are just as true now.…

Song Lyric Sunday: Siblings – ‘Sister Morphine’

Jim’s theme for Song Lyric Sunday this week is siblings. ‘ Leonard Cohen’s ‘Sisters of Mercy’ was the first song that came to my mind, but I’ve already deployed it in this thread. Fortunately, I then recalled one of the deeper cuts from the Rolling Stones’ seminal ‘Sticky Fingers’ album, released in 1971. Like most…

One-Liner Wednesday: Beware of zealotry

“If there is one thing more difficult than submitting oneself to a regime it is refraining from imposing it upon other people”  – Proust: Cities Of The Plain (Sodome et Gomorrhe) – – – – – – – – – #1liner Weds 16 September 2020