The Lonesome Pine

Bloganuary Day 30: OFFS!

Describe yourself as a tree.

What the hell is this? Have I stumbled into a Stanislavski drama workshop? Or maybe a primary school class where the supply teacher has no idea how to keep the little buggers darlings occupied until the bell goes?

Oh alright then. if I was a tree:

  • I would be evergreen rather than deciduous because I have retained my foliage.
  • Some people find me prickly.
  • I’m quite thick-skinned, but my bark is worse than my bite.
  • I’m a bit of a sap on the inside.
  • I move with imperceptible slowness.
  • If you chopped me into small pieces I would be a useful source of heat.
  • My preferred pronouns are ‘pine’ and ‘pine’s’

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