Since you asked…

Very – very – occasionally, I rise to the challenge of answering a few questions posed by another blogger. This is one of those times, so my thanks to Judy at lifelessons for making me bestir myself to respond to these nosy (her word, not mine) questions.

If nothing else, this goes to prove that at the moment I have nothing better to do – or rather, nothing I would rather do. However, I have it on the highest authority that that is not at all the same thing.

Anyway, here goes:

Do you like mustard?   Yes, although I’m not a big fan of English mustard. My current favourite is a French one flavoured with wild garlic.

Choice of carbonated drink?  Orangina – a fizzy, sugary thing that may once have had at least a nodding acquaintance with orange juice. Bad for the teeth no doubt (too late to worry about that), but unremittingly more-ish.

Do you own a gun?  No I do not. Plenty of people around here do, though – but only for hunting non-endangered wild animals. Just sayin’….

Whisky, Tequila, Rum or Vodka?  I don’t often drink spirits these days, although I do sometimes hanker after a decent Speyside single malt whisky.

Hot dogs or Cheeseburgers? Burgers – preferably home-made and with spicy cheese and fried onions.

Favourite Type Of Food?  Tough to pick out just one type of cuisine. If pressed to the point I’d have to say Indian. More generically, it would be ‘spicy’.

Do you believe in ghosts? Can’t see a logical explanation, so no.

What do you drink in the mornings? Early Grey tea: preferably two mugs, and preferably consumed in bed. Otherwise what’s the point of being retired?

Can you do 100 pushups? How long have I got? In weeks.

Summer, winter, spring or fall? Summer. When they say ‘some like it hot’, it could have been me they were talking about.

Favourite hobby?  Photography

Tattoos? No.

Do you wear glasses? Yes. For (almost) everything.

Phobia?  Hard work.

Three drinks you drink? Red, white, rosé.

Biggest downfall Procrastination. And not shutting cupboard doors properly.

Rain or Snow?  Snow from an aesthetic point of view, but rain is more ‘practical’.

Piercings? No.

Kids? One of each. Very proud of both.

Favourite colour? Red.

Favourite age? I’m 67, so 68 would be good.

Can you whistle? It is said that the definition of a gentleman is someone who can play the accordion but refrains from doing so. I’m the same with whistling.

Where were you born? Birkenhead, on Merseyside. Hence the accent. And the tribal football loyalty.

Brothers or Sisters? One brother.

Surgeries? No. Just lucky, I guess.

Shower or Bath? Shower. Gets it over with.

Like gambling? No: absolutely no interest. My career was in the investment industry so I’ve seen quite enough of it, thank you.

Broken bones? A greenstick fracture of a finger when I was about 14 and came into contact with a particularly thick-skulled twelve year old.

How many televisions in your house? Two. Unaccountably, not all residents like football.

Do you like to dance? No. Quite like to watch, though.

Are your parents still alive? My mother is still with us.

Do you like to go camping? Ludicrous idea.


2 thoughts on “Since you asked…

  1. The thing I like about these questions posts is not what people answer but how! Yours is very entertaining and I would guess you would make the most boring questions equally interesting by your answers. My husband, who was an artist, did a sculpture of a flying accordion (with wings) suspended from the ceiling that played music when you pulled a cord. It was entitled “Play an Accordian, Go to Jail. That’s the law!” Seems you had something in common.

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