One-Liner Wednesday: Full Marks For Effort

“So ‘vous’ means ‘you’ then?”

Perfectly serious question posed by an English lady at Monday’s French Conversation class. She has lived here for eleven years. Eleven years.

One-Liner Wednesday 10 January 2018

5 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday: Full Marks For Effort

    • It seems reasonable to expect someone who has lived – from choice – in a country for 11 years to have learned the local language equivalent of such a basic word as ‘you’. Sadly, there are many British expats, and not just in France, who show no interest in integrating but presume that everyone simply ought to speak English. ‘Allons-y’ means ‘let’s go’ and was also the catchphrase of the 10th Doctor Who, played by David Tennant (pictured).

      • Yes, I agree. I think it helps a lot to get along if you at least try to speak the local language. I only wish I was better at it. Thanks for taking the time to explain.

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