Caption Competition

So, dear reader, which of the captions listed below goes best with this picture?

face2A. That is positively the last time I set foot in a Wetherspoons.

B. To be honest, I’m starting to rethink this whole Botox idea.

C. No I did NOT say your bum looked big in that.

D. Yeah? Well, you should see the other guy.

E. Of course it would be my good eye, wouldn’t it?

F. Yes mum, next time I will look where I’m going.

G. I tripped on the kerb outside the market hall in Confolens, measured my length on the pavement, smashed my new glasses but managed to avoid damaging my camera – and now I feel epic.



9 thoughts on “Caption Competition

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  2. Well I can’t press the “like” button on this because that would be sadistic 😉
    I do hope you’re okay though. Who knew that #thursdaydoors could be a contact sport?

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