What’s On In Faire-Le-Dodo (87)

As part of the public service brief adopted by this site in its jjoint venture with the local newspaper, Le Quotidien de Faire-le-Dodo (87),  here is the latest online edition of our Community Noticeboard:

Super-Loto: Saturday night at the Salle Polyvalente. Join us to sit on uncomfortable plastic chairs in overcrowded conditions for six hours on the off-chance of winning something you don’t want and/or wouldn’t feed to your dog. The highlight of the Faire-Le-Dodo (87) weekend.

The chasse reminds residents that it meets on Sunday morning. If you don’t know where, it means we don’t want you to.

Monday: closed all day.

The Faire-Le-Dodo (87) Cultural Preservation Society is pleased to announce the results of its recent elections, with all incumbents returned unopposed. The officials of the society therefore remain as follows: Chairperson – Mrs Araminta Fitzpoorly; Treasurer – The Hon. Sebastian Fitzpoorly; Secretary – Mrs Doris Meanwell; Token Local: M Remorque Mèche. The society will host a debate next Wednesday evening on the question: ‘New Residents: How they are they ruining it for the rest of us?’ 8pm, Le Vieux Presbytère, Bongenre.

The Surrender Monkey Bar & Bistro has rescheduled its weekly Happy Hour to Fridays from 5pm to 11pm.

Alcoholics Anonymous announces that its weekly meetings will in future be held on Fridays from 5pm. The venue remains unchanged: the back room of the Surrender Monkey

Mme Elise Tricot, owner of La Petite Superette et Salon de Thé, wishes to point out that the special ‘cornue’ loaves that were on sale last weekend are a traditional French Palm Sunday delicacy. Any possible offence that may have been caused is entirely in the minds of her expatriate customers.

Oh behave….

Oh behave….

Looking for a vegetarian alternative? Tough.

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