What are you on about?

Bloganuary Day 26: get a grip, WordPress.

What is your favourite part about yourself?

It looks like whoever comes up with these daily prompts for Bloganuary is getting as weary of the exercise as many of the participants probably are – myself included.

It certainly doesn’t help when we get fed nonsense like today. What exactly is that question supposed to mean? The syntax is gibberish.

Favourite part of yourself? At least that makes some kind of grammatical sense. Well, I dunno. I don’t think I have any particular distinguishing features that could be deemed worthy of note. If pressed, I’d say that I’m glad that I still have a full head of hair and that my jowls haven’t dropped. Yet.

I have to say, though, that the temptation to say that my favourite part of myself is ‘private’ is considerable.

But favourite part about yourself? Apart from still having at least some of my wits about me, the only way I can see that making sense is if I (or reasonable facsimile thereof) had been included as a character in more than one piece of fiction, be they books, films or plays, and I had to choose a personal favourite from between them.

As far as I know, my life has never been so interesting as to merit a wider telling, so that seem unlikely. I’ve never received any royalties, that’s for sure. Molière wrote “The Misanthrope” back in 1666, well before my time, and therefore it can’t be about me. Although I could certainly relate to it. Indeed, I’d be honoured.

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