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Bloganuary Day 20: easy – or is it?

What is your favourite photo you’ve ever taken?

Now, this one shouldn’t pose too much of a problem, given that photography is my (only proper) hobby. Why,I even have another blogging site dedicated to it. Feel free to have a rummage.

It’s not quite so straightforward, however. Most of my favourite photos are of close family and I don’t feel disposed to share them here.

I note that my Lightroom Catalog(ue) currently has over 17,000 entries. One the one hand, that means there’s plenty to choose from but on the other: which one?

It’s really an impossible task, so I’ve decided to go with the image that has proved to be the most popular of those I have posted on my other site. It’s an aesthetically pleasing image and technically it’s quite sound, so I’m happy to go with it for today’s purposes.

It was taken at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi and, I think, conveys quite well the stunning architecture and also the sense of serenity.

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