Turning back the clock

Bloganuary Day 17: downhill from here

What is a superpower you’d love to have?

Pretty much any superpower would be nice to have, although that’s not the same thing as love to have.

For example, super strength would certainly come in handy for opening those stubborn jam jars.

In similar vein, super sight could be useful for finding that thing you knew you were going to need so you put it in an entirely sensible safe place and now you can’t find it for love or money. I think I would draw the line at x-ray vision, however: all a bit too gory.

On the other hand, super hearing doesn’t hold any particular appeal. I wouldn’t want to be able to hear what people are saying about me. Even worse, what if super hearing allowed me to discover that they weren’t saying anything about me at all?

No, there’s only one superpower that I’d quite like to have, and that would be the ability to go back in time. Not forward – that would spoil the surprise. However, I can think of numerous occasions and experiences of which I retain very fond memories that I would love to experience again…and again….and again.

The question of whether it’s even possible to move around in time is one that has exercised some of mankind’s greatest minds and taking and justifying a scientifically based view on it is way beyond my pay grade.

So perhaps as an alternative to time travel it would be nice to have a super memory. Not only would I then be able to remember where I left that bloody thing I’m looking for, but if it really was super memory perhaps I would be able to recall, and effectively relive, in exact detail all those fond memories.

Now that really would be lovely.

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