Round the edges

Day 2 of ‘Bloganuary’

What is a road trip you would love to take?

In the current circumstances, even a weekly trip to the supermarket counts as something of an adventure and it’s not at all obvious when that’s going to change.

Nonetheless, Madame and I do have wider ambitions in terms of places to go. Some of them you wouldn’t (indeed, couldn’t) undertake by road of course: it’s a pretty long drive to New Zealand for a start.

There’s no shortage of potential road trips closer to home, though. However, there is the constraint that I don’t drive at all, so it’s rather unfairly all down to Madame to do the hard work. Having said that, me being behind the wheel would be a very bad idea.

Perhaps the road trip we’ve talked about the most is one that would take us all the way around the coast of Scotland. Starting in Edinburgh and going up through Fife, past Aberdeen all the way to Caithness then along the rugged north coast before turning left and heading down through Ullapool, Lochalsh and Oban.

Having lived in Scotland for twenty years we have seen some of the country, although Speyside and Loch Ness was about as far as we ever got. That leaves a whole lot that remains unseen, including probably all the most spectacular bits, and there’s no shortage of them.

Ah well. Carrefour it is then.

3 thoughts on “Round the edges

  1. I have a good friend I travel with. She drives, I don’t.

    I have volunteered to learn to drive. She laughs…

    “You don’t trust my driving?” I ask.

    She laughs again.

    Oh well…

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