Song Lyric Sunday: Plan – ‘The First Day In August’

Helen’s theme of ‘Plan’ for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday didn’t turn out to be as tricky as I feared it might on first glance.

That’s because this song, from Carole King’s ‘Rhymes and Reasons’ album, is all about having a plan. And it means a lot to the lovely Madame and me.

On the first day in August
I want to wake up by your side
After sleeping with you
On the last night in July
In the morning
We’ll catch the sun rising
And we’ll chase it from the mountains
To the bottom of the sea

When the day is over
And the night air comes to chill us
You’ll build a fire
And we’ll watch the flames dancing

You’ll fall asleep
With your arm around my shoulder
And nothing will come between us
On the first night in August

Written by Carole King

Song Lyric Sunday 26 August 2018

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