Apparently, the police department of Dubai has just overhauled its vehicle fleet, which now boasts (sic) a Lamborghini Aventador. As I understand it, this is an exceedingly expensive, achingly fashionable and almost entirely impractical sports car.

The deputy director of police explained that the new vehicle is not intended for serious use but instead will demonstrate “how classy Dubai is”.

As, until recently, a long-term resident of Abu Dhabi, I can confirm that a Lamborghini police car does indeed tell you exactly how classy Dubai is.

One thought on “Classy

  1. I bet the Rozzer driving it has a lot of gold braid on his uniform too! As for the practicality, unless being really really small has become a crime over there or there is an underclass of speeding midgets they’re going to struggle to nick anyone with it.

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