Appetite for destruction

Bloganuary Day 4 – hanging in there What was your favourite toy as a child? Although I was obviously too young to remember, apparently my favourite toy when I was just a baby was a teddy bear called ‘Growly’*, so named because if you squeezed his belly he….well, growled. At least he did until I…

Up Against It

Day 3 of ‘Bloganuary’: still sticking to it. Write about the last time you left your comfort zone Believe me, I know exactly when I was last out of my comfort zone. I am pleased to report that I spend the vast majority of my life firmly entrenched inside my comfort zone, for three excellent…

Song Lyric Sunday: Risqué – Empty Bed Blues

Song Lyric Sunday has a bit of a ‘hidden agenda’ to it this week. We are looking for something a bit saucy – risqué, indeed. ‘Empty Bed Blues’ is a sad but simple tale of a young lady with painful forearms whose sometimes absent boyfriend – a beret-wearing deep-sea diver, no less – is a…

One-Liner Wednesday: ‘Yes, Minister’

“The situation, without of course being of an alarming nature, might well be envisaged as serious and even, from certain angles, as susceptible of being regarded as critical”  – Proust: ‘The Sweet Cheat Gone’ (Albertine Disparue)  – – – – – – – – – #1linerWeds 30 December 2020      

One-Liner Wednesday: Mañana

“I treated this day in a similar fashion, allowing [it]… pass without doing anything, and vowing that I would begin to work on the morrow”  – Proust: The Captive (La Prisonnière) – – – – – – – – – – – One-Liner Wednesday 7 October 2020

One Liner Wednesday: On trend

“It is splendid to be advanced, one can never be advanced enough”  – Proust: Cities Of The Plain (Sodome et Gomorrhe) – – – – – – – – – – One-Liner Wednesday 3 September 2020

One-Liner Wednesday: Bored now…

“What I cannot endure are the imbeciles, the people who bore me, they drive me mad”  – Proust: Cities Of The Plain (Sodome et Gomorrhe) – – – – – – – – – – One-Liner Wednesday 19 August 2020