Song Lyric Sunday: Windy – ‘A Song For Jeffrey’

The theme for Song Lyric Sunday this week is wind instruments – the chosen song should feature brass or woodwind instruments in the musical arrangement.

My first thought was the title track of ‘Sergeant Pepper’s’, featuring an entire brass band. However, I decided to dig a little deeper and quite by chance I happened across an image online of Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson in characteristic pose – playing the flute while standing on one leg.

As you do.

I was quite a fan of Jethro Tull back in the day and I well remember them putting on an excellent show at the old Liverpool Stadium in about 1969 or ’70.

This song was voted their best ever by no less an authority than Digging around while doing what I laughingly call the ‘research’ for this post, though, many more golden nuggets from the Tull canon resurfaced from the darkest depths of my memory. Dammit, Jethro Tull were GOOD.

Gonna lose my way tomorrow,
gonna give away my car.
I’d take you along with me,
but you would not go so far.
Don’t see what I do not want to see,
you don’t hear what I don’t say.
Won’t be what I don’t want to be,
I continue in my way.

Don’t see, see, see where I’m goin’,
Don’t see, see, see where I’m goin’,
Don’t see, see, see where I’m goin’ to,
I don’t want to.

Everyday I see the mornin’ come on in the same old way.
I tell myself tomorrow brings me things I would not dream today.

Written by Ian Anderson

Song Lyric Sunday 31 October 2021

2 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday: Windy – ‘A Song For Jeffrey’

  1. One of my first thoughts was All You Need Is Love and that features a tenor saxophone. trumpet, flugelhorn and trombones. I like the Mick Jagger introduction and I agree with you that Tull is a great band.

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