Song Lyric Sunday: Flight – ‘Expecting To Fly’

This week’s themes set by Jim for Song Lyric Sunday are based around the idea of ‘flight’. Which gives me an opportunity to post one of my all-time favourites. This haunting, ethereal piece was written and performed by Neil Young (plus orchestra) although it appears on the ‘Buffalo Springfield Again’ album.

‘Genius’ describes this as a ‘psychedelic touchstone’. No arguments from me.

There you stood on the edge of your feather, expecting to fly.
While I laughed, I wondered whether I could wave goodbye, knowing that you’d gone.
By the summer it was healing, we had said goodbye.
All the years we’d spent with feeling ended with a cry.
Babe, ended with a cry, babe, ended with a cry.

I tried so hard to stand as I stumbled and fell to the ground.
So hard to laugh as I fumbled and reached for the love I found, knowing it was gone.
If I never lived without you, now you know I’d die.
If I never said I loved you, now you know I’d try.
Babe, now you know I’d try, babe, now you know I’d try, babe.

Written by Neil Young

Song Lyric Sunday 8 September 2019

7 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday: Flight – ‘Expecting To Fly’

  1. Deadhead, your description of it is apt. Is it only on the Buffalo Springfield album or can it be found on an Uncle Neil album anywhere? I don’t remember ever hearing this one before. Thank you for sharing it.

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