Song Lyric Sunday: Questions – ‘How Many More Times?’

Jim has selected the broad theme of ‘questions’ for Song Lyric Sunday this week, and this was the first thing that came into my head.

Deadheads (guilty) often talk about what’s been called ‘the click of affinity’: the moment when you’re listening to the Dead and you suddenly get it. In my case – should anybody care to know – it was the jam out of ‘Terrapin’ at Wembley 10/30/90.

Many years before then, however – 21 on my reckoning – I had another click of affinity the first time I heard Led Zeppelin’s debut album, and more specifically this:

How many more times, treat me the way you wanna do?
When I give you all my love, please, please be true.

I’ll give you all I’ve got to give, rings, pearls, and all.
I’ve got to get you together baby, I’m sure, sure you’re gonna crawl.

I was a young man, I couldn’t resist
Started thinkin’ it over, just what I had missed.
Got me a girl and I kissed her and then and then…
Whoops, oh Lord, well I did it again.
Now I’ve got ten children of my own
I got another child on the way that makes eleven.
But I’m in constant heaven.
I know it’s all right in my mind
‘Cause I got a little schoolgirl and she’s all mine
I can’t get through to her ’cause it doesn’t permit
But I’m gonna give her everything I’ve got to give.

Oh, Rosie, oh, girl. Oh, Rosie, oh, yeah.
Steal away now, steal away.
Steal away, baby, steal away.
Little Robert Anthony wants to come and play.
Why don’t you come for me, baby, steal away, alright, alright.

Well they call me the hunter, that’s my name.
Call me the hunter, that’s how I got my fame.
Ain’t no need to hide, Ain’t no need to run.
‘Cause I’ve got you in the sights of my… gun!

How Many More Times, barrelhouse all night long.
Well I’ve got to get to you, baby, oh, please come home.
Why don’t you listen to me, babe.
Why don’t you please come home?

Written by John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant

Song Lyric Sunday 30 June 2019

One thought on “Song Lyric Sunday: Questions – ‘How Many More Times?’

  1. Little Robert Anthony needs to stay in Big Robert Anthony’s pants. First time I listened to the lyrics also. Dang! I love LedZep they can do no wrong in my book. I will will give them a break and call it an older man’s fantasy.

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