Song Lyric Sunday: Mom/Mother/Flowers – ‘Matilda Mother’

Jim at A Unique Title For Me is celebrating the USA’s Mothers’ Day in this week’s Song Lyric Sunday.

In the UK, Mothers’ Day always takes place during Lent, so I don’t feel under any obligation to post a paean of praise to my own mother, well-deserved though it would be. Instead, we go back to 1967and a song written by the immortal Syd Barratt that featured on Pink Floyd’s debut album ‘The piper At The Gates Of Dawn’.

There was a king who ruled the land
His majesty was in command
With silver eyes the scarlet eagle
Showers silver on the people
Oh Mother, tell me more
Why’d’ya have to leave me there
Hanging in my infant air
You only have to read the lines
They’re scribbly black and everything shines
Across the stream with wooden shoes
With bells to tell the king the news
A thousand misty riders climb up
Higher once upon a time
Wandering and dreaming
The words have different meaning
Yes they did
For all the time spent in that room
The doll’s house, darkness, old perfume
And fairy stories held me high on
Clouds of sunlight floating by
Oh Mother, tell me more
Tell me more

Written by Syd Barratt

Song Lyric Sunday 12 May 2019

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