Song Lyric Sunday: Danger – ‘Dangerous Night’

Confession time: as a rule,when responding to Helen\s Song Lyric Sunday themes I try to come up with a song that, however peripherally, I’m already familiar with. However, this week’s topic of ‘Danger’ had me beaten. There were (are) a few odd lines with ‘danger’ or ‘dangerous’ in them running round in my head, but nothing I could pin down.

So I had to go looking for something new – and I’m glad I did, because I came across this comparatively recent song by the great survivor David Crosby. Interesting, thought-provoking lyrics.

Now some small parts seem right scattered here and there
One smiling face in a crowd that’s angry and scared
Can’t seem to see where it doesn’t get worse
It’s like one good thought getting lost in an angry verse.

I try to write Buddha and it comes out guns
I vote for peace and the blood still runs
I want to believe I can pass happy to my child
But the truth gets lost and the system runs wild.

Send me someone who has doubts about it
Who has conquered their own fear and lived to tell about it
Someone who won’t give up in the frozen rain
Who’ll walk right next to me through the orchards and the grain.

I wake up from a dream of a baby and a blast
Scenes from the television in the blue light it cast
Seek peace in your own heart sounds true, sounds right
I’m a troubled soul searching for peace in the night.

Trying to figure out how it all fits together
Humans and sun and oceans and weather
And even if I dream alone on such a dangerous night
Tryin’ to make all these pieces fit right.

Even if I dream alone on such a dangerous night
Somehow I know I’m going to dream again tonight.


Songwriters: David Crosby & James Raymond

Song Lyric Sunday 24 December 2017

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