My Music Lexicon: W is for The Who (and Stevie Wonder)

For ‘W’ it could only be The Who. Having, notoriously, slept right through their performance at the Isle of Wight in 1970, I finally got to see them at the opening night of the Rainbow Theatre in November 1971. They tumbled onto the stage at the end of a line of high-kicking chorus girls, Moon waved at his mum and Entwhistle plugged in his bass and tweaked a string. Forty rows from the front, I was physically slammed back into my seat by the sheer volume.

Oh they were loud – really loud. And I love loud.

I’ve featured a few of their songs on this blog in various posts, but this is my favourite of their singles. Of course, they’re miming here, but you do get an idea of the trademark crashing din.

And, more importantly, Pete Townshend does write great songs.

Honourable Mention

I went to see Stevie Wonder at the old Wembley Arena in London, back in the late eighties or early nineties – more out of curiosity than dedicated fandom. In terms of chart success his peak had passed some years earlier and the venue was by no means full. He was good though, and at one stage he launched into what he described as a medley of his hits. It lasted, effortlessly, about half an hour, which just made me realise how prolifically successful an artiste he was. He is surely part of the soundtrack of many millions of lives.

But what to choose to illustrate Stevie Wonder? Well, a cover version of this song was at the top of the UK charts when my daughter was born, so why not?

My Music Lexicon

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