My Music Lexicon: Q is for Queen (and Quintessence)

Let’s be honest, when you reach ‘Q’ in the Lexicon, there’s not an embarrassment of choice.

I know nothing of Queens Of The Stone Age apart from their name, but happily there is one group that thoroughly deserves its place here: Queen.

There’s a patrt of me that feels slightly guilty about liking Queen, although I’m not really sure why: perhaps just because they wouldn’t feature in my top three or five. There again – by definition – neither would most of my other Lexicon choices.

Of two things, however, there can be absolutely no doubt. Firstly, they came up with some massive, utterly irresistible rock riffs. Secondly: there was the force of nature that was Freddy Mercury – the ultimatre showman – as seen here at Live Aid in 1985.

Honourable Mention

If Queen is/are one of the giants in the pantheon of mega-groups, my other Q is much more obscure – and very different.

My initial encounter with Quintessence was very similar to my experience with Eclection: I changed channels on the TV one evening and there they were.

They’re usually pigeon-holed as psychedelic or acid rock, but certainly some of their music could equally be categorised as ‘ambient’. Call it what you like, it’s a perfect accompaniment for a particularly relaxing evening: slow, expansive, with hints of mystic India. Pass it on.

My Music Lexicon

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