My Music Lexicon: N is for…(struggling here)

I’ve been dreading reaching this stage of my Music Lexicon because I’m damned if I can think of an artiste or artistes that I give more than half a hoot about whose name begins with ‘N’.

The only group I could come up with from when I was in what passed for my pomp was The Nice, and frankly they got enough of a shout when I name-checked Emerson, Lake & Palmer. So, purely to tick the box and allow us to move on to richer pastures, here’s a couple of Ns that at least I don’t mind.

Nirvana came (quite) a few years too late for me, although I know my daughter was a big fan, at least when she was at school (and she’s still into the Foo Fighters). This is the only Nirvana song I could actually name off the top of my head but, to be fair, it is a bloody good one.

My brother’s knowledge of, and taste in, music is far deeper and broader than mine and certainly extends as far as Nine Inch Nails, so this one’s for him: Trent Reznor doing his thing. Bit shouty for me, but there you go.


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