One-Liner Wednesday: ‘Yes, Minister’

“The situation, without of course being of an alarming nature, might well be envisaged as serious and even, from certain angles, as susceptible of being regarded as critical”  – Proust: ‘The Sweet Cheat Gone’ (Albertine Disparue)  – – – – – – – – – #1linerWeds 30 December 2020      

Song Lyric Sunday: Sensations – ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’

To the best of my knowledge, I haven’t featured Duran Duran in my Song Lyric Sunday contributions before now. Truth be told, they are a little after my time. However, the lyrics of this perfectly respectable song meet Jim’s brief for this week of ‘Aroma/Flav(o)ur’. Dark in the city, night is a wire Steam in…

One-Liner Wednesday: Getting On

“Our past, and the physical lesions in which it is recorded, determine our future”  – Proust: ‘The Sweet Cheat Gone’ (Albertine Disparue)  – – – – – – – – – #1linerWeds 23 December 2020

Song Lyric Sunday: Pets – ‘Bird On The Wire’

“I have tried in my way to be free” Jim’s broad theme of ‘domesticated animals’ for Song Lyric Sunday this week gives me an opportunity to post my favourite, most resonating, Leonard Cohen song. Although the title includes ‘bird’, the very last thing that this song is about is domestication, however. Like a bird on…