One-Liner Wednesday: Works for me

“The idea that a life of dull ineptitude might conceal glamorous superpowers is appealing, particularly to those who happen to be dull and inept”  – from a recent review in the Times Literary Supplement of a new edition of Baroness Orczy’s ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’ – – – – – – – Beneath this drab, unexceptional…

One-Liner Wednesday: Generation Gap

“The best thing about being young is the sense of being profoundly misunderstood by older people.” – Zadie Smith, British writer and novelist ————- Or switch it round and it works equally well. Honestly, the kids of today…. One-Liner Wednesday 21 March 2018

One-Liner Wednesday: Rugby, explained

“Obviously, when you’re kicking the ball, your foot is very much an important part of that.” A former international player adding his in-depth technical knowledge to commentary on a Six Nations test match a couple of weeks ago. I know I actually heard this, because I wrote it down as soon as I did. One-Liner…

One-Liner Wednesday: Single Entendre

“I think you know what I’m talking about” Catchphrase of noted soul crooner and sex god Theophilus P Wildebeeste. British readers will recognise him as one of the many characters created by Lenny Henry, comedian and now highly respected Shakespearian actor (not to mention Knight of the Realm). One-Liner Wednesday 28 February 2018