30-Day Song Challenge: Days 26-30

Well, this has been fun, hasn’t it? And now the final instalment of the 30-Day Song Challenge.

  • 26 A song that makes you want to fall in love: ‘You Wear It Well’

“You made me feel a millionaire”

Personal reasons. Nothing to add….oh, except that this comes from the album ‘Never A Dull Moment’. How appropriate.

  • 27 A song that breaks your heart: ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’

“Try to be sure right from the start’

From ‘After The Goldrush’, one of the crucial albums of my university years.

  • 28 A song by an artist whose voice you love: ‘Piece Of My Heart’

“Didn’t I make you feel like you were the only man?”

Janis Joplin. Accept no substitute.

  • 29 A song you remember from your childhood: ‘Rock Around The Clock’

“We’re gonna have some fun”

Where would we be without Bill Haley (and Elvis, of course)?

  • 30 A song that reminds you of yourself: ‘Bird On The Wire’

“I have tried, in my way, to be free”

It seems appropriate to finish this exercise as we started it, with a song that is so important to me that it’s on the ‘play this at my funeral’ list.




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